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Letter from Angimex-Kitoku

Kitoku-Shinryo Company (Japan) has an over 130 years history of establishment and development in rice business, Kitoku-Shinryo strives to meet the demand for high quality rice of diversified market. In recent years, Japanese foods, such as Sushi and Sashimi, has become very popular to the general population worldwide as it is known very healthy with low calories. The Kitoku Shinryo Group has established to supply the best quality Japonica rice from Vietnam, Thailand, USA and China to the satisfaction of Japanese Foods Lovers all over the world. The commitment by Kitoku-Shinryo is to become a leading company to supply premium quality Japonica rice and Jasmine Rice to the world market.

An Giang Import-Export Company – Angimex (Vietnam) is one of the Vietnamese leading enterprises in food with rice as the main field. Over 35 years of experience in business, Angimex was very proud of being trusted and accepted from customers of European, American, Asian market….as well as domestic customers. With well-monitored and well-regarded quality control system,  Angimex provides the highest quality standard products and professional services to satisfy customers’ needs . Angimex continuously improves to fulfill the higher customers’ hopes as well as the stricter requests of markets.

Angimex-Kitoku Limited Company (AKJ) is a Joint Venture of the two companies with long-standing history of establishment and development in the rice industry, was founded in 1991 in Vietnam.  

AKJ uses technologies of Japan, administrators have been trained in Japan to produce Japonica rice in Vietnamese land. Main products of AKJ are Japanese round grain rice (Japonica rice) and Vietnamese rice such as Jasmine fragrant rice, long grain rice for export mainly to Asian Neighboring Countries, Oceanian and North American Countries... and also supply to some supermarkets, restaurants in the country.

An Giang Province was selected because it has favorable climate, fertile soil, suitable to grow two-time crops or even three-time crops per year, which make an ideal environment for our business and development.

AKJ has selected the best seeds which are suitable to the soil of An Giang province, then signs the farming contracts with farmers. During the crops, AKJ regularly assigns technical staffs to instruct the farming techniques, use of fertilizers and pesticides to farmers in order to achieve high-quality products at the field. After that, paddy shall be purchased and transported to factory for drying, de-husking, milling and storing in the cooling storage system of company.

AKJ installed machineries with the capacity of 25,000 tons / year, including dryers, de-huskers, millers, de-stoners, color sorters,… Besides, AKJ also equipped the cooling storage system with capacity of 2,000 tons to preserve brown rice with stable quality for long time storage. Our rice products are strictly controlled from selecting seeds, cultivating, producing, storing, by quality control system of ISO9001:2008 and BRC Food to satisfy the demand of high-quality rice.

We, Angimex-Kitoku (AKJ) is confident to satisfy the demand of high-quality rice of the worldwide market.

With our commitment:

“All for quality, All for customers’ trust”.  

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