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Japonica rice production

An Giang – a fertile alluvial soil, bringing a bumper rice crop to supply high quality rice in domestic and export.


With favorable climate, fertile land, Angimex-Kitoku Limited Company (AKJ) selected An Giang province as production area of Japonica paddy to produce high-quality products from the field.

AKJ has signed the farming contracts with hundreds of farmers in the province to collect all paddy quantity and create favorable conditions for farmers to produce, cultivate, feel secure about the product's output and get stable income.

Every year AKJ carries out growing thousands of hectares of Japonica paddy in communes, wards of Long Xuyen city, Thoai Son district, Chau Thanh district, Tri Ton district,...
Now AKJ is continuously expanding the growing area, increasing production and improving product quality.

AKJ always assigns staffs to the production areas to instruct the farming techniques of Japonica paddy for farmers to achieve the best results.

Every year, AKJ performs experimental growing trial in An Giang province and encourages farmers to learn advanced farming method from the experimental rice fields. Since then, farmers can apply these new methods to their rice fields to achieve high yield and quality as well as meet the export market demand of high quality rice.


Every year, AKJ co-operates Farmers' Association of An Giang province to hold Farming Meeting. Taking this opportunity, AKJ evaluates achievement of previous year, rewards good Japonica rice farmers and gives information about next crops.

Công ty được được trao tặng bằng khen đóng góp cho sự phát triển của tỉnh An Giang
Company was rewarded due to contribution for An Giang province’s development 

Công ty trao bằng khen cho nông dân sản xuất lúa Nhật giỏi
  Company rewarded good Japonica rice farmers

AKJ also organizes friendship soccer matches to relax, exchange, keep cooperation relation more stable among AKJ, Farmers’ Association of An Giang province and Japonica rice farmers.


Some basis farming processes of Japonica paddy as below:

1/ Preparing land

Making field clean, weeding, removing rice aftergrowth and pests in the field before sowing and transplanting. Plowing to make the smooth and flat field surface for good development of seeds.

2/ Sowing:

By transplanting:

  • Making the seedling
  • Transplanting:

By drum seeder

3/ AKJ staffs work with farmers in the fields:

4/ Paddy growth


By harvester:

Cutting paddy by hands and being tied in bundles



Bringing paddy home:

Transporting paddy to AKJ

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